Timber Pergolas

Building beautiful timber structures that will bring the best out of your backyard

A well-designed pergola can offer homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a more open structure than a traditional alfresco living area.

Chasa can design a pergola that is either connected to your house or freestanding. Consider a full or partial roof for protection from the elements or various shade options. Combine flat areas with a cathedral, complement or contrast your current home – with timber, the possibilities are endless.

Let us create a pergola that allows you to interact and enjoy the outdoors, making the most of your garden.

We believe that a Pergola can be more than a few timber beams with a vine growing over it


Create a special place in your backyard. We can custom-design a timber Gazebo that will blend in perfectly with your garden and provide an idyllic retreat from everyday life.


A carport is more than a home for your car, with the design having a significant impact on the visual appeal of your property. Chasa can design and build a classic timber framed carport that is beautiful and functional.