Timber Decking

We can design and construct an outdoor timber deck that brings your home and garden together

For homes situated on sloping blocks, custom-designed timber decking can increase your living areas dramatically without the high cost of building retaining walls. Decking will add to your property’s value and enhance your lifestyle by giving you a beautiful alfresco area for outdoor entertaining.

The beauty of timber decking is not only in its natural look and feel but the tremendous flexibility the material offers.  We can create one flat area or multiple levels incorporating timbers stairs, seating, fences, screening, garden beds and more. The limit is only our imagination.

a well designed timber deck can transform the entire look of your backyard.

Timber Balustrades

Timber balustrades can be created in various styles and work together perfectly with a timber deck. Stainless steel wires and glass are options, providing a clean look that will not impede your view.

Timber Privacy Screens

Decorative screens are a perfect way to finish off an outdoor project. They can help keep your outdoor living space private, provide shade from the sun or be used as a frame for climbers.